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Changez is a 2023 Indian Bengali-language period action crime thriller film co-written and directed by Rajesh Ganguly from a story written by Neeraj Pandey. It has been produced by Jeet, Gopal Madnani, and Amit Jumrani. It stars Jeet, Susmita Chatterjee, Rohit Roy, and Shataf Figaar. The music was composed by Kaushik Guddu and Anik Dhar, with action sequences by stunts by Silva.

Chengiz Cast, Release Date, OTT, Trailer, Review Music, Director

GenreAction, Crime, Period, Thriller
CastJeet (Jeetendra Madnani)Susmita Chatterjee
Shataf FigarRohit Roy
DirectorRajesh Ganguly
ProducerJEETGopal Madnani Amit Jumrani
Release Date21 April 2023
DOPManas Ganguly
EditorMalay Laha
MusicKaushik GudduAneek Dhar
StoryNeeraj PandeyRajesh Ganguly

Chengiz Movie Box office collection worldwide till now

chengiz collection all over india
Day 121-Apr-2023 (Fri)₹ 0.25 Cr [Ben: 0.2 Cr; Hi: 0.05 Cr]
Day 222-Apr-2023 (Sat)₹ 0.75 Cr [Ben: 0.45 Cr; Hi: 0.3 Cr]
Day 323-Apr-2023 (Sun)₹ 1.1 Cr [Ben: 0.65 Cr; Hi: 0.45 Cr]
Day 424-Apr-2023 (Mon)₹ 0.43 Cr [Ben: 0.28 Cr; Hi: 0.15 Cr]
Day 525-Apr-2023 (Tue)₹ 0.35 Cr [Ben: 0.25 Cr; Hi: 0.1 Cr]
Day 626-Apr-2023 (Wed)₹ 0.3 Cr [Ben: 0.2 C; Hi: 0.1 Cr]
Day 727-Apr-2023 (Thu)₹ 0.32 Cr [Ben: 0.2 Cr; Hi: 0.12 Cr]
Day 828-Apr-2023 (Fri)₹ 0.16 Cr [Ben: 0.15 Cr; Hi: 0.01 Cr]
Day 929-Apr-2023 (Sat)₹ 0.21 Cr [Ben: 0.2 Cr; Hi: 0.01 Cr]
Day 1030-Apr-2023 (Sun)₹ 0.31 Cr [Ben: 0.3 Cr; Hi: 0.01 Cr]
Day 1101-May-2023 (Mon)₹ 0.18 Cr [Ben: 0.17 Cr; Hi: 0.01 Cr]
Day 1202-May-2023 (Tue)₹ 0.09 Cr [Ben: 0.08 Cr; Hi: 0.01 Cr]
Day 1303-May-2023 (Wed)₹ 0.08 Cr [Ben: 0.07 Cr; Hi: 0.01 Cr]
Day 1404-May-2023 (Thu)₹ 0.07 Cr [Ben: 0.06 Cr; Hi: 0.01 Cr]
Day 1505-May-2023 (Fri)₹ 0.05 Cr [Ben: 0.05 Cr ]
Day 1606-May-2023 (Sat)₹ 0.07 Cr [Ben: 0.07 Cr ]
Day 1707-May-2023 (Sun)₹ 0.15 Cr [Ben: 0.15 Cr ]
Day 1808-May-2023 (Mon)₹ 0.04 Cr [Ben: 0.04 Cr ]
Day 1909-May-2023 (Tue)₹ 0.05 Cr [Ben: 0.05 Cr ]
Day 2010-May-2023 (Wed)₹ 0.04 Cr [Ben: 0.04 Cr ]
Day 2111-May-2023 (Thu)₹ 0.04 Cr [Ben: 0.04 Cr ]
Day 22 – Day 2712-May-2023 (Fri) to
18-May-2023 (Thu)
₹ 0.25 Cr [Ben: 0.25 Cr; Hi: 0]
Total₹ 5.29 Cr [Ben: 3.95 Cr; Hi: 1.34 Cr]
chengiz box office collection all over india

Chengiz movie Box office Collection total

Opening Day₹ 0.25 Cr
End of Opening Weekend₹ 2.10 Cr
End of Week 1₹ 3.5 Cr
End of Week 2₹ 1.1 Cr
End of Week 3₹ 0.44 Cr
End of Week 4₹ 0.25 Cr
Lifetime Collection₹ 5.29 Cr

Chengiz weekend box office collection

Weekend 1₹ 2.10 Cr
Weekend 2₹ 0.68 Cr
Weekend 3₹ 0.27 Cr

Chengiz week wise Box office collection

Week 1₹ 3.5 Cr
Week 2₹ 1.1 Cr
Week 3₹ 0.44 Cr
Week 4₹ 0.25 Cr

Chengiz worldwide gross box office collection

India box office Nett₹ 5.29 Cr
India box office Gross₹ 6.25 Cr
Overseas Gross₹ 0 Cr
Worldwide collections Gross₹ 6.25 Cr
chengiz movie total box office collection

Chengiz budget hit or flop

Budget₹ 20 Crores
chengiz box office collection total worldwide

Chengiz Movie Budget

Changiz is made on a budget of around Rs 20 crore. It is one of the most expensive Bengali films ever made. The film is the story of a don named Changez, who ruled the world of the textile industry in Calcutta in the 80s and 90s. Rajesh Ganguly is handling the responsibility of the script, dialogue, and direction of the film. It is produced by Jeet, Gopal Madnani, and Amit Zumrani. The film’s story has been written by Neeraj Pandey and Rajesh Ganguly.

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